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RTAA was formed in 1991 and has been helping local authorities ever since in all aspects of their parking operations. We now have many years specialist experience of parking, traffic management, IT systems, contracts, GIS, surveying and more. Read our Profile. Dip into our case studies. Or contact us for more information.


RTAA Case Study

Review of parking services operation - South Lakeland

RTAA was commissioned to undertake a complete review of the parking service provision in the South Lakeland District Council area. This included reporting on all aspects of the parking service, from an assessment of the in-house enforcement, back office administration, car park usage surveys, to a report on the current site maintenance provision, both on and off-street.

Within Kendal a new pay on foot system had just been introduced replacing a pay and display system in the main multi-storey car park. We were asked to undertake a maintenance survey of the car park, assess the impact of pay on foot and make recommendations for improvements to the parking provision in Kendal as a whole.

The review provided a new business case to SLDC, identifying car parks that were surplus to requirements, weaknesses in the current operations, and potential improvements to the methods of working. Staff at all levels were interviewed and a comprehensive report delivered within five months. This gave strong recommendations on how to improve service delivery and provide a more customer-focused operation. An added benefit was that the report identified significant potential for saving money without making huge changes within the Council.

45 car parks were surveyed and assessed for minor remedial work including ease of use and the potential to introduce pay on foot. It was recommended at one multi storey car park that the flow of traffic should be completely reversed to ease congestion both inside and outside the car park.