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RTAA was formed in 1991 and has been helping local authorities ever since in all aspects of their parking operations. We now have many years specialist experience of parking, traffic management, IT systems, contracts, GIS, surveying and more. Read our Profile. Dip into our case studies. Or contact us for more information.


RTAA parking scheme design and implementation

There are many cases where a local authority needs assistance to consider, design and implement a specific parking scheme. Some examples are:

  • Residents’ parking schemes
  • On-street Pay and Display
  • Car park conversion to Pay on Foot
  • Stadia event parking schemes
  • Retail developments

The nature of all of these projects is that they are all unique. Therefore RTAA offers a complete process from the initial review of what might be required, surveys of the existing situation, development of options, detailed design of a chosen option and many aspects of its implementation and review.

With a residents’ parking scheme or stadium event parking scheme for example, the first stage will be a review of the relative need in a selected set of streets leading to prioritisation of those for which a scheme will be created. It will include the practical assessment of the layout of the scheme, including drawings and inventory of signs and lines, and the drafting of Traffic Orders. It will include drafting and agreement of the scheme rules, then the production and processing of application forms and supervision of the issue of permits.

With on-street Pay and Display the review will assess the current parking provision and opportunities for change. It will make recommendations for change that, when agreed, will allow us to carry out further work to design the scheme in detail.

In all cases we would offer and strongly recommend a financial model to assess the cost of implementing any changes, the likely ongoing income and expenditure.